Lesson 2: Hardware diagram

1. The connection of Raspberry

As the master controller of Diego 1#, Raspberry connects with other modules via following interface to implement its control logic.

  • One USB2.0 interface connects with USB Type B interface of Arduino UNO. Raspberry sends commands to Arduino UNO via serial port. This interface also provides power supply to Arduino UNO.
  • One USB2.0 interface connects with USB Micro of Flash lidar F4 laser radar. Laser radar sends data via serial port.
  • Buck module provides power supply to Raspberry via USB interface.

Following chart shows the connection of Raspberry:

2. The connection of Arduino UNO

As the executive controller of Diego 1#, UNO connects with related hardware directly 

  • Connecting with Raspberry via USB Type B interface to receive control command from serial bus.
  • Connecting with servo control board via IIC interface, also sending servo control command.
  • Connecting with motor shield L298P via PWM interface to control motor speed.
  • Conneting with motor shield L298P via digital output pin to control motor direction.
  • Connecting with hall-sensor signal output pin via out-INT and hardware interrupt pin to get motor rotation turns
  • 5V voltage output provides power supply of servo control board and hall-sensor of motor.

Following chart show the connection of Arduino.

L298P is a shield of Aruduio, it can be plug-in Arduino directly, for convenient cable trace, an IO extension board of Arduino is used for L298P, as shown in following figure.

3. The connection of servo control board and 6 DOF manipulator

16-line servo control board PCA9685

  • Each servo current is around 0.5A, total 3.5A current is required for 6 DOF manipulator plus servo of mechanical grabber, so servo control board needs a separate powered supply.
  • In servo control board, 0~5th channel are used for manipulator control and 6th channel is used for mechanical grabber control.

4. Power supply

  • As there are many electrical equipment and high requirement on current in Diego 1#, so dual power supply solution is provided, one for Raspberry, Arduino and chassis motor and the other for servo of mechanical grabber.

5. Other

  • Mechnical part of Diego 1# uses finished product solution , so the assembly can refer to related product manual.
  • During installation, different types of screw driver and electric drill will be used
  • Power supply must take care of the power requirement of equipment,  otherwise uncertain question will occur.

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