Lesson 9: Navigation-Diego 1# navigation framework

SLAM navigation is a complicated topic, which is related to many mathematics model and algorithm. While in ROS platform, these models and algorithms have been implemented and encapsulated as a function package within ROS architecture, so in diego 1#, we use ROS navigation framework.

1. ROS navigation framework

Following figure is navigation framework illustrated by ROS, you can find more detail from http://wiki.ros.org/navigation/Tutorials/RobotSetup


In the navigation stack, function packages in white and grey have been encapsulated in ROS, while function packages in blue require customized development based on hardware platform.

Though both gmapping and hector can be used to construct map, they have different algorithm, that is, gmapping relies on odom data while hector not when constructing map. You can choose one of them for application.

2. Diego 1# related function package

Following figure shows function packages and corresponding hardware of Diego 1#.

. hector
. 树莓派
. 激光雷达
. xtion
acmlacml. 树莓派
. 激光雷达
. xtion
base_controllerros_arduino_bridge.Arduino UNOros_arduino_bridge包包含了base_controller
odometer sourceros_arduino_bridge.Arduino UNO
sensor transform. 树莓派tf基本上都是静态的,可以在launch文件中实现
sensor sourcerplidar A2 Driver
. 树莓派
. 激光雷达
. xtion

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